Chamber Business Spotlight for September 28 - American Magnetics

The Carterville Chamber Spotlight Business of the Week for Monday, September 28th is American Magnetics.

American Magnetics can supply a large variety of transformers, inductors, coils and other wound magnetic devices and has demonstrated this ability over many years of manufacturing. If you need the unusual or the standard component, we can design what you need. We supply a variety of transformers for applications such as erase coils, X-ray, pulse, saturable core reactors, instruments, strobe light, 400Hz, and high voltage, as well as many others.

At American Magnetics, quality is no accident. It is the result of high standards and careful supervision, reflecting our corporate philosophy. Our company provides a balanced system of engineering talent, production proficiency and quality control.

In all of our years of progress, we have established the ability to provide a consistent quality product for a fair price.

We do this by keeping abreast of new technological developments to insure that our customer receives a state-of-the-art component.

We do not manufacture a standard product, but build custom for many industries mostly OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers). We have customers in industrial controls, power conditioning, medical devices, broadcast equipment, laboratory test equipment, music industry, and aerospace just to name a few. Most of our customer base is in the USA east of the Rockies but we have shipped to customers all around the world. Just in the last 20 years we have manufactured over 1.1 million transformers and other wound magnetics components.

Whereas we do not usually sell to the local community, we are happy to have been providing jobs and supporting the economy in this area since 1946.

PH: 618-985-4838
FX: 618-985-4106