Chamber Business Spotlight of the Week for November 15th is Legence Bank

The Chamber Business Spotlight of the Week for November 15, 2021 is Legence Bank!

For more than 115 years, we have provided a customer-focused commitment to quality that never stops for the individuals, families, businesses and communities we serve. Legence is a community bank that cares about your success. We provide customers a compassionate and trusted banking experience that exceeds even their highest expectations while empowering employees to provide superior service and offering growth in a challenging career. Our customers say our Legence team listens and we work hand-in-hand and go the extra mile to bring YOU an outstanding, personalized service YOU deserve, including the latest in convenient technological financial solutions. This commitment to values has earned the respect of our customers in the past and guarantees the success of our business in the future. Legence Bank provides convenience banking to meet your personal needs. We look forward to serving you!

Go!Learn is an award-winning educational program provided by Legence Bank to educate, inform, and encourage financial knowledge to the communities Legence Bank serves. As our economy, culture, and society changes, the need for personal financial management grows. Legence Bank strives to provide the essential services their customers need and Legence Bank believes financial education is a growing need in communities across America. Go!Learn programs reach children in kindergarten classes through young adults in high school and continuing education for adults. Legence Bank is proud to provide such invaluable and important programs to the people of Southern Illinois and Southern Indiana.